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Doctoral Student Alexandria Pivovaroff Publishes Article based on Research at SMER

Alex Pivovaroff in the field at SMER

Coordination of stem and leaf hydraulic conductance in southern California shrubs: a test of the hydraulic segmentation hypothesis

Alexandria L. Pivovaroff1, Lawren Sack2 and Louis S. Santiago1

1Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, University of California, 2150 Batchelor Hall, Riverside, CA 92521, USA; 2Department of Ecology and […]

F90 Spotted Roaming the Plateau

SMER Researcher Alexandria Pivovaroff Presents at this years ESA Meeting

97th Annual ESA Meeting, Alexandria Pivovaroff


Steelhead Recovery Plan for So Cal Includes the SMR

Southern California Steelhead Recovery Plan 2012

Chaparral & climate variability research at Sky Oaks presented at MEDECOS XII conference

The SDSU Global Change Research Group recently presented results of research conducted at the Sky Oaks Field Station at the MEDECOS XII conference in Los Angeles, CA. The presentation was titled,

“The effects of elevated CO2, climate variability, and fire on the functioning of the chaparral of Southern California.”

The abstract is available here:

Oechel […]