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LIBERTY QUARRY: Supervisors turn down mine, 3-2

LIBERTY QUARRY: Supervisors turn down mine, 3-2 | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.

“You don’t usually see those kinds of victories. You see them at the movies, often times, but you don’t see them in real life,” said Matt Rahn, director for research for San Diego State University’s field stations program.

Bobcats on the Prowl

SMER River Gorge Fly Through

Santa Margarita River Fly-over on Vimeo.

Courtesy of the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation (January 2005).

Out and About With Taranchie

SMER Wildlife

Sunrise Over Temecula

Video: Fog Over Santa Margarita River Gorge

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Chaparral & climate variability research at Sky Oaks presented at MEDECOS XII conference

The SDSU Global Change Research Group recently presented results of research conducted at the Sky Oaks Field Station at the MEDECOS XII conference in Los Angeles, CA. The presentation was titled,

“The effects of elevated CO2, climate variability, and fire on the functioning of the chaparral of Southern California.”

The abstract is available here:

Oechel et al 2011 MEDECOS Abstract.