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Reserve Use Regulations

Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve (SMER)
Sky Oaks Field Station (SOFS)
Fortuna Mountain Research Reserve (FMRR)

  1. All visitors agree to read, sign and submit to the San Diego State University Field Stations Program (FSP) a General Release Form before entering the field station. San Diego State University (SDSU) faculty and staff are exempt. For visitors under 18 years old, the minor’s parent or guardian must sign this agreement. This agreement cannot be altered. Visitors visiting the field station as a part of an SDSU class field trip agree to sign a SDSU Field Trip Release Form instead of the General Release Form. Group leaders, project leaders, and applicants agree to ensure that each member in his/her group reads, signs and submits an appropriate release form before entering the field station.
  2. All visitors agree to observe the following rules. Group leaders, project leaders, and applicants agree to ensure that each member in his/her group observe the following rules. Exceptions to the rules require written permission from the Field Station Director.
    • Each visitor must sign the Visitor Log at the main gate or office each time she/he enters the field station.
    • Visitors may not collect, remove, or disturb any natural elements or organisms on the field station, including soils, rocks, plants and animals, without prior written permission from the Field Station Director or without proper permits from appropriate state and federal government agencies.
    • Visitors must not disturb research equipment, including markers, wires, and sensors.
    • Visitors must stay on established roads and trails unless she/he has prior permission to access remote areas to conduct research.
    • Campfires and outside fires are prohibited year-round.
    • Smoking is prohibited.
    • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited within all reserve property and buildings; all reserve users are subject to the SDSU Alcohol and Substance Policies.
    • Recreational activities are prohibited.
    • Firearms are forbidden at field stations.
    • Do not bring animals (wild or domestic) to the field station unless they are part of an approved research project or are necessary to assist a disabled user.
    • Close and lock all gates behind you.
    • Take all trash and refuse with you when you leave.
    • Please leave the land and facilities cleaner than when you found them.
  3. Two days prior to visiting a reserve, all visitors must contact Pablo Bryant at or 619-507-0944 (mobile) to confirm their visit. All visitors must contact Pablo Bryant prior to EACH visit, even if they visited recently.
  4. All visitors to the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve must print out and complete SMER Vehicle Permit and display it on the vehicle dashboard at all times.
  5. All visitors agree to read and abide by the FSP Data Policy, which applies to all visitors whose activity generates information products. These include, but are not limited to, datasets, images, videos, manuscripts, and recordings.

Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve (TRNERR)

SDSU Field Stations Program does not regulate the use of TRNERR. Please contact TRNERR regarding its regulations.